Triatlon jeklenih, Bohinj


Bohinj, 25. 08. 2021
3,2,1,... START

Dear competitors,

We are sending you the informations for the race.
We are very happy that we'll meet again after one years break. We have couple of changes done. Ceremony venue is the same, so on Pokljuka biathlon center,
The biggest change is swimming. Cross will have cca 30 racers on the first edition.

Bohinj, 17. 05. 2021
34. CEBE Triatlon Jeklenih powered by Tosdios will be on 28th of August

Dear athletes and fans of our race,
These two years were really hard for everybody and we are all in the same story.
We were this year we will have a green light National Institute for Public Health.
Thanks a lot to all our sponsors and friends, that are staying with us in these difficult times.
Entries are open!!! ...

Bohinj, 13. 08. 2020
34. CEBE Triatlon Jeklenih powered by Tosidios will take place on 28th of August 2021

Dear athlets and fans of our race,
This year is really hard for everybody and we are in the same story.
We were reporting, that our race was denied couple of times by our National institute for Public Health.
Now we came to the conclusion, that we are postponning our race to next year. ...

Bohinj, 02. 07. 2020
Entries are open

Dear athletes,
we are happy to announce that the entries for this year's race are open.
At the moment we are not allowed to start the event, but we hope for the best.
We wish you a great end of the week,
Jure Sodja

Bohinj, 29. 06. 2020
34th TRIATHLON OF STEEL IS COMING ON 29th of August 2020

Dear athletes and fans of spectacular race.

We have crazy and hectic year behind us, and it is still not over, but we still hope, that we'll have a chance to prepare our great event.
it is gonna be on 29th of August.
We have some great news for you. ...

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Turistično društvo Bohinj
Ribčev Laz 48
4265 Bohinjsko jezero

Telephone: 00386 4 57 46 010

Head of organisation
Jure Sodja
Telephone: 00386 40 572 611

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