Cebe Bohinj, 24 August 2019
Triatlon jeklenih, Bohinj

Individual entry

Number of entries is limited. All the entries are due to be done by 19. 8. 2019 or till last space is taken.


If you have already filled the entry and you don't find the exeptance mail in your inbox, please don't make new entries. Chekc your spem mail. If you didn't recieve the message, please write on On this e-mail write all potencial mistakes done by your entry and their correct versions.

The information marked by * is mandatory!

Gender:* M    F
Year of birth:*
Post number and post:*
Club or sponsor:
Type of vessel:* kayak     SUP
T-shirt size:* S     M     L     XL     XXL
Meal:* meat     vegetarian
Bib number pick-up: I will pick up my bib number on Friday, 23. 8. 2019, between 6 and 8 pm.
Rules:* I accept all the rules and confirm that I am healthy, I am all-round physically prepared and able to pass on all the efforts on this challenging game. This confirms the familiarity with the rules and confirms that I will take into account all the instructions of the organizer and that I will compete at my own risk. Against the organizer I will not apply for any claim or action for any damage that I would suffer in relation to participation in this event. I also agree that these personal data is collected, used and processed for the organizational purposes of the organizer and kept until cancellation by me.
Participation fee: 80 EUR
Date of entry: 18.08.2019
Security code:*


Turizem Bohinj
Stara Fužina 38
4265 Bohinjsko jezero

Telephone: 00386 4 574 75 90
Fax: 00386 4 574 75 91

Head of organisation
Jure Sodja
Telephone: 00386 40 572 611

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