Cebe Bohinj, 29 August 2020
Triatlon jeklenih, Bohinj


Bohinj, 19. 07. 2018
Finally we would like to present you with english site

Dear sport fans!
We are finally ready to go international.
We set up an english version of the site, since we have a lot of interest from abroad and we are really happy to host all fans from everywhere.
Our race is something special and you are invited see it for yourself. If you are interested, we organise everything for you, from accomodation, to some rents.
Please feel free to send us any questions, we'll be happy to give you all the infos you'll need to join our great race!
Best regards,
Jure Sodja
Head of organising team

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Turizem Bohinj
Stara Fužina 38
4265 Bohinjsko jezero

Telephone: 00386 4 574 75 90
Fax: 00386 4 574 75 91

Head of organisation
Jure Sodja
Telephone: 00386 40 572 611

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